The Wausau Municipal Code is provided on this website as a convenience to citizens and the legal community. The ordinances reproduced on this website are derived from the updated computer files used to produce the official Wausau Municipal Code. Changes to the code are enacted on a continuous basis by the Wausau Common Council and will be posted to this website approximately once a month. Copies of those ordinances enacted between postings can be obtained by contacting the City Clerk's office.

Electronic versions of the code cannot be certified under Section 889.08 of the Wisconsin Statutes and are unofficial. Certified copies of ordinances for use as prima facie evidence under Chapter 889 of the Wisconsin Statutes can be obtained from the City Clerk's office.

The Code books sections have been converted to Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
You will need the free Adobe
Acrobat Reader to view them


 TitleDescriptionModified DateSize 
IndexIndex12/7/2018246.37 KBDownload
Ordinance ListOrdinance List7/3/2019196.01 KBDownload
PrefacePreface7/3/201949.27 KBDownload
Title 01GENERAL PROVISIONS7/3/2019103.74 KBDownload
Title 02ADMINISTRATION AND PERSONNEL5/24/2019521.37 KBDownload
Title 03REVENUE AND FINANCES1/17/2017193.33 KBDownload
Title 06HEALTH AND SANITATION4/4/201655.57 KBDownload
Title 08ANIMALS7/3/2019191.64 KBDownload
Title 09PEACE, SAFETY AND MORALS5/24/2019289.29 KBDownload
Title 10VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC7/3/2019236.19 KBDownload
Title 12STREETS AND SIDEWALKS10/22/2018214.09 KBDownload
Title 13WATER AND SEWERS1/17/2019312.69 KBDownload
Title 15BUILDINGS AND CONSTRUCTION4/7/2017343.93 KBDownload
Title 16HOUSING CODE1/17/2017211.41 KBDownload
Title 17FIRE PREVENTION10/22/2018152.42 KBDownload
Title 18ELECTRICAL5/6/201350.81 KBDownload
Title 19PLUMBING4/7/2017132.67 KBDownload
Title 21PLATS AND SUBDIVISIONS2/3/2014106.55 KBDownload
Title 22AIRPORTS5/4/201555.65 KBDownload
Title 23ZONING8/29/20181.05 MBDownload


The entire Code Book with searchable Acrobat catalog is also available for download.

Downloading and setting up the cataloged version of the code book will require some effort on your part. But when completed you will have a copy of the entire code book locally. Not only will you be able to view the individual sections that make up the code book, but using the pre-made index you will be able to perform complex boolean, proximity, and thesaurus searches.

  1. Download and run WMC.EXE with its default settings
    PLEASE NOTE: For security purposes the web server does not allow direct access to EXE files. Therefore the file name has been temporarily altered to allow downloading. Please rename the file immediately after download to "WMC.EXE". We apologize for any inconvenience.
  2. This will copy the files into C:\WMC and create directory structure needed for the pre-made index to work properly. Do not change any settings, simply click 'EXTRACT'.
  3. From C:\WMC open "catalog.pdf". This PDF is a simple cover page that is linked to the pre-made index.
  4. Use SEARCH (not find) to locate your queries. Using the search feature in conjunction with the index will allow you to perform complex boolean searches of the entire code book.
  5. Learn more about search features in the Acrobat help file. Once mastered, the syntax used to perform searches will empower you to easily locate the information you need.
  6. Keep your catalog updated.  Whenever the code book is updated you will need to repeat this procedure to remain current.