Toni Rayala
City Clerk / Customer Service Supervisor
The City Clerk is responsible for maintaining public records; attesting to official documents or actions taken by Council, Committees and Boards; updating the municipal code book; participating in annexation procedures; validating petitions; administering election law and procedures; maintaining voter registration information; participating in and implementation of redistricting boundaries following federal census; 400 block reservations / special events; providing administrative services to the Common Council; Clerk of the Board of Review; maintaining agendas and minutes; preparing publication of legal notices;  responding to open records requests; issuing various licenses and permits; sale of maps, bus passes and city promotional items; and collection of City revenues including: tax payments, water/sewer utility payments, court fines, parking tickets, license and permit fees, and accounts receivable. 
The City Clerk must be familiar with adopted resolutions, municipal ordinances, policies, procedures and a multitude of local, state and federal laws dealing with municipal services.
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