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It will be the duties of this committee to investigate and make recommendations concerning needed new and revised legislation; to recommend policies for the administration of the Police and Fire Departments along with the Police and Fire Chief; to make recommendations for the purchase of vehicles and equipment of the Police and Fire Departments; to investigate, study and recommend any needed improvements or consolidations that will make the operations of the Police and Fire Departments more efficient or effective; to investigate all applications for licenses and to make recommendations for the granting or denial thereof; to recommend ways of improving present licensing ordinances and to study the licensing of additional activities and the setting of the fees therefor; to investigate and make recommendations concerning the state of housing stock in the city and the rehabilitation and improvement of that stock; to work with the various departments of the city and with the various state and federal agencies on legislation dealing with housing, safety and on obtaining public funding for housing purposes; to investigate, coordinate and make recommendations concerning groundwater contamination, air quality and other environmental issues, to work with the City Department of Community Development and to make recommendations concerning the programs that it administers as they relate to this committee.

Regular Meeting Schedule:  3rd Monday of every month @ 5:15 pm.   Meetings are only held upon issuance of the official agenda notice.  Please check the calendar to confirm whether the meeting will be held.

Representing PH&S Name Address Term Phone #
Chairperson Lisa Rasmussen 1310 Crescent Dr 2018-2020 715-675-4872
Alderperson Pat Peckham 1618 Emerson ST 2018-2020 715-845-1396
Alderperson Karen Kellbach 502 Knox St 2018-2020 715-675-2694
Alderperson (VC) Becky McElhaney 4050 Ashland Ave 2018-2020 715-581-3762
Alderperson Dawn Herbst 2809 Springdale Ave 2018-2020 715-842-8347