Wausau Wisconsin

City Council

January 21, 2018

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It will be the duties of this committee to review the annual executive budget and to recommend the same; to make recommendations on the financing of the city undertakings, on the financial affairs of the city, the improvement of the financial condition of the city and to recommend re-appropriation of funds by transfers; to consider and recommend ways in which the city could obtain additional sources of revenue or additional revenue from existing sources; to investigate all claims filed against the city and make recommendations for the payment or nonpayment thereof after consideration of such factors as reports of the insurance carrier.

Regular Meeting Schedule:  2nd & 4th Tuesdays of every month @ 5:00 pm.   Meetings are only held upon issuance of the official agenda notice.  Please check the calendar to confirm whether the meeting will be held.

Representing Finance Name Address Term Phone #
Chairperson Lisa Rasmussen 1310 Crescent Dr 2016-2018 715-675-4872
Alderperson Karen Kellbach 592 Knox St 2016-2018 715-675-2694
Alderperson (VC) Joe Gehin 3400 Springdale Ave 2016-2018 715-842-1028
Alderperson David Nutting 534 S 1st Ave 2016-2018 715-842-2589
Alderperson Dennis Smith 3516 Polzer Dr 2016-2018 715-843-5639