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It will be the duties of this committee to recommend the purchase, sale or leasing of real estate by the city and to recommend the use or disposition of vacant or unutilized city-owned real estate; to review certain plats; to locate and recommend the acquisition of areas for municipal purposes, such purposes to include the requirements for expansion of the city street system and improvements therefor, to conduct hearings on official map proceedings and street and alley vacations; to investigate, determine and recommend to the Common Council capital outlay improvements program for Public Works, such program to include the construction of new streets, sewers, watermains in conjunction with the Sewer and Water Commissions, and such other improvements to streets as the construction of curb and gutter, paving and sidewalks, and to determine priorities on locations therefor; and to handle street light and maintenance policies.

Regular Meeting Schedule:  2nd Thursday of every month @ 5:30 pm.   Meetings are only held upon issuance of the official agenda notice.  Please check the calendar to confirm whether the meeting will be held.

Representing Name Address Term Phone #
Chairperson Gary Gisselman 319 Park Ave 2018-2020 715-848-5160
Alderperson Karen Kellbach 502 Knox St 2018-2020 715-675-2694
Alderperson Lisa Rasmussen 1310 Crescent Dr 2018-2020 715-675-4872
Alderperson (VC) Mary Thao 506 Sherman St 2018-2020 612-345-2697
Alderperson Becky McElhaney 4050 Ashland Ave 2018-2020 715-581-3762