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# GroupMeetingTypeUpdated
1 Committee of the Whole10/08/2019Agenda08/26/2019
2 Committee of the Whole09/30/2019Packet09/03/2019
3 Committee of the Whole09/30/2019Agenda09/03/2019
4 Neighbor to Neighbor Committee09/20/2019Agenda09/16/2019
5 Neighbor to Neighbor Committee09/20/2019Packet09/17/2019
6 Wausau Arts Commission09/17/2019Agenda09/17/2019
7 Police and Fire Commission09/17/2019Agenda09/13/2019
8 Plan Commission09/17/2019Agenda09/12/2019
9 Plan Commission09/17/2019Packet09/17/2019
10 Plan Commission09/17/2019Packet209/12/2019
11 Committee of the Whole09/17/2019Agenda08/26/2019
12 Board of Public Works09/17/2019Agenda09/12/2019
13 Public Health and Safety Committee09/16/2019Packet09/13/2019
14 Public Health and Safety Committee09/16/2019Agenda09/12/2019
15 Historic Preservation Commission09/16/2019AgendaAdHoc09/13/2019
16 Capital Improvements and Street Maintenance Committee09/12/2019Packet09/06/2019
17 Capital Improvements and Street Maintenance Committee09/12/2019Minutes09/13/2019
18 Capital Improvements and Street Maintenance Committee09/12/2019Agenda09/06/2019
19 Committee of the Whole09/11/2019Agenda08/26/2019
20 Building Advisory Board09/11/2019Agenda09/05/2019
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