MC 2.60.280  The Wausau Arts Commission exists to advise the Wausau City Council on the planning, programming, procurement, installation, operations and maintenance of public visual arts projects and artworks. 

Composition.  The Commission shall consiste of seven (7) members, including one (1) alderperson.  The remaining members shall be citizen members who are Wausau residents and are actively involved as a member of Wausau's art community.  Members shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council. 

Terms.  The terms of all commission members shall be for three years or until their successors are qualified.  The term of the aldermanic member shall expire with his/her term as alerperson. Two (2) members shall serve an initial term of one (1) year, two (2) shall serve an initial term of two (2) years, and two (2) shall serve an intial term of the full three (3) years.  No member shall serve more than two (2) consecutive three-year terms.  However, the members appointed to the first term after the effective date of this ordinance who serve an initial term of less than three (3) years, and any member appointed to fill the unexpired term of a former member, shall be eligible to serve two (2) full consectuive three-year terms thereafter.

Wausau Arts Commission Members
Representing Name Address Term Phone #
Alderperon Gary Gisselman 319 Park Ave Term of Office 715-848-5160
Citizen Member Rose DeHut 427 N 4th St Exp. 4/30/19 715-842-4545
Citizen Member Tom Fleming (2) 909 Greenhill Dr Exp. 4/30/22 715-212-4709
Citizen Member Sean Wright 911 McIndoe St Exp. 4/30/20 205-876-3230
Citizen Member Kathy Foley 700 N 12th St Exp. 4/30/20 715-845-7010
Citizen Member Daivd Hummer 309 McClellan St Exp. 4/30/21 715-571-6551
Citizen Member Linda Prehn 1105 Highland Park Blvd Exp. 4/30/21 715-573-9413
Citizen Member Mara Mullen-Reinhardt 824 Chicago Ave Exp. 4/30/22 312-221-8959