MC 2.60.290 (a) Purpose.  Created to act as an advisory body to the Common Council in the development of policies, programs, and decisions that affect the relationship between the City and the environment.  (Ord. 61-5789 §2, 2018)

2.60.290 (d)(1)  Membership.  The committee shall consist of seven (7) members, including one (1) alderperson.  The remaining members shall be citizen members who are Wausau residents and are actively involved as business representatives, preferably from a business that is recognized as a leader in sustainability; representatives from a sustainablitiy industry; teachers, students, or staff from a Wausau public high school; faculty, staff members, or students from the UW-system or North Central Technical College; representatives of related government agencies or related non-profit entities; or other citizens with related expertise.  Members shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council.

2.60.290 (d)(2)  Terms.  The terms of all committee members shall be for three years or until their successors are qualified.  However, the term of the aldermainic member shall expire with the expiration of her/his term as alderperson, and the members appointed to the first term fllowing the effective date of this ordinance shall be appointed to staggered terms.  Two (2) members shall serve an initial term of (1) year, two (2) shall serve an initial term of two (2) years; and two (2) shall serve an initial term of the full three (3) years.  No member shall serve more than two (2) consecutive three-year terms. However, the members appointed to the first term after the effective date of this ordinance who serve an initial term of less than three (3) years, and any member appointed to fill the unexpired term of a former member, shall be eligible to serve two (2) full consecutive three-year terms thereafter.

Representing Name Address Term Phone #
Alderperson Pat Peckham 1618 Emerson St Term of Office 715-845-1396
Citizen Lisa Siewert (1) 1618 Woodland Ridge Rd 3 Yrs: 4/30/22 715-281-0117
Citizen Mary Kluz (1) 127 Kent St 3 Yrs: 4/30/22 715-409-6758
Citizen Paul Kage (1) 1810 N. 2nd St 2 Yrs: 4/30/21 715-261-2123
Citizen Claire Meney (1) 912 Hamilton St 2 Yrs: 4/30/21 715-581-9450
Citizen Benjamin Lee (1) 1814 Milwaukee Ave 1 Yr:  4/30/20 715-212-5860
Citizen Ralph Fischer (1) 730 E Bridge St 1 Yr.  4/30/20 920-716-3384