Wausau Wisconsin

City Council

November 20, 2017

Adopted by Council Resolution 99-0227, the Project Management Team is a group of city and community representatives designed to manage implementation of the thirteen project activities oulined in the Central Business District Master Plan.

The committee consists of the following positions to be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Common Council: Mayor, Chairs of Finance Committee, Capital Improvements and Street Maintenance Committee (CISM), Economic Development Committee; one member representing Central Wausau Progress, the Performing Arts Board President or designee; one citizen member and a designee of the Main Street Board. In addition, the PMT may call in representatives of the financial, marketing, business and other sectors on a project basis as ad hoc advisors.

The PMT is charged with the following tasks which are not all-inclusive, and final financial and policy decisions rest with the Common Council: 1) finalize implementation organization structure with Council confirmation; 2) develop an advisory committee structure for each of the implementation activity areas that involve public participation, and provide advice to the PMT; 3) develop a communications network between the City, County, State and Federal representatives and agencies, which would be part of implementation in the form of permitting grants and special legislation; 4) create a project negotiation team that is specifically responsible for developer recruitment and premliminary negotiation of developer agreements; 5) develop a working agreement or memorandum of understanding with Central Wausau Progress, a private, not-for-profit organization that has, as its primary objective, downtown revitalization, as a conduit to private donations and working relationships with other state, local , and national non-profit organizations interested in downtown revitalization; and 6) evaluate the feasibility of creating a Main Street organization with a primary focus on business recruitment and marketing.

This commitee is currently inactive.

Project Management Team Members
Representing Name Address Term Phone #
Mayor James E. Tipple      407 Grant Street Term of Office 715-261-6800
Chair of Finance Gary Klingbeil 1225 Maple Hill Road Term of Office 715-842-8898
Chair of CISM Ed Gale 1231 Sunset Drive     Term of Office 715-848-8695
Chair of Econ Dev Jim Brezinski 822 Hamilton Street Term of Office 715-842-7988
CWP Member     3 Yrs: 4/30/xx  
Performing Arts     3 Yrs: 4/30/xx  
Citizen Member     3 Yrs: 4/30/xx  
Main St Brd Des     3 Yrs: 4/30/xx