The City of Wausau will be welcoming and inclusive to all residents and visitors alike, no matter their age, race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or socio-economic, familiial or veteran status. The committee will identify the issues and barriers to equality affectng those minorities in the Wausau area and  through discussion and education, promote tolerance and acceptance of all.  The committee is an advisory committee to the Common Council.

Tthe Mayor's Welcoming and Inclusivity Committee shall consist of eight (8) citizen members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council to serve a term of three (3) years from the date of their appointments, plus one representative from the Common Council. 

Committee Members
Representing Name Address Term Phone #
Alderperson Tom Neal 916 Hamilton St Term of Office 715-573-6042
Citizen 1 Blake Opal-Wahoske (1) 1401 N 2nd St 3 Yr Term Exp 4/30/22 715-297-1829
Citizen 2 Paige Heinrich (1) 4015 Briarwood 3 Yr Term Exp 4/30/22 715-432-4456
Citizen 3 Tony Gonzalez (1) 219 N 4th Ave 3 Yr Term Exp 4/30/22 715-614-1268
Citizen 4 Tom Rau (1) 745 Scott St 3 Yr Term Exp 4/30/22 715-845-1966
Citizen 5        
Citizen 6        
Citizen 7        
Citizen 8