Wausau Wisconsin

City Council

January 18, 2018

MC 2.60.010 Creation and Composition: This non-standing committee shall consist of three alderpersons and two citizen members who routinely review proposed legislative action on state and federal levels to study the legislation's benefits and/or detriments and recommend an official city response to governmental representatives. In addition, they are instrumental in coordinating the efforts of city staff to initiate, create or lobby for legislation beneficial to the City and/or its residents.

Regular Meeting Schedule:  4th Thursday of every month @ 4:00 pm. (Only as Needed)   Meetings are only held upon issuance of the official agenda notice.  Please check the calendar to confirm whether the meeting will be held.

Legislative Committee Members
Representing Name Address Term Phone #
Alderperson Dennis Smith 3516 Polzer Dr 2016-2018 715-573-7994
Alderperson Dave Nutting 534 S 1st Ave 2016-2018 715842-2589
Alderperson Romey Wagner 3500 Golf View Dr. 2016-2018 715-848-5506
Citizen Member Bill Metter (2) 601 Ruder St. 3 Yr Term Expires: 4/30/12 715-843-5720
Citizen Member Charles Staples (3) 818 Hamilton St. 3 Yr Term Expires: 4/30/12 715-842-1310