Wausau Wisconsin

City Council

November 17, 2017

The Entrepreneurial & Education Board was created to assist in the policy making decisions of the Entrepreneurial & Education Center, Inc. which provides space, technical assistance and shared overhead to allow for the creation and growth of small businesses in the community. This non standing committee includes an alderperson who represents the City on the board and the Community Development Business Development Specialist who acts in an ex-officio capacity.

Incubator Board Members

Representing Name Address Term Phone #
President Sarah Napgezek 820 Fulton Street   715-845-5118
Business Dev-Ex Officio Ann Werth 407 Grant Street Term of Office 715-261-6680
Alderperson Tom Neal 918 Hamilton St 2016-2018 715-573-6042
  Romey Wagner 3500 Golf View Dr   715-848-2016
  Dave Eckmann 1810 Buckthorn Ave, Rothschild   715-298-3668
  Monte Gehring 3801 Crystal Dr   715-848-2261
  Tom Grimm 3234 7th St   715-843-0039
  Steve Immel 1010 Highland Park Blvd    
  John Laehn 2801 Teal Ave   715-849-2908
  Lori Weyers      
  Tim Kelgore 4020 Stoneridge Dr   715-675-8501
  David Eckert 3800 N. 25th St   715-675-9553