MC 2.86.010 Purpose: The purpose of the Wausau fire prevention committee is to promote fire safety by providing and conducting educational safety programs. The purpose of the committee shall be to provide educational programs for school-age children; to provide recognition of accomplishment to individuals, businesses and organizations that promote fire safety; and further to promote public fire safety awareness. (Ord. 61-4891 §1(part), 1995.)

2.86.020 Membership: The Wausau area fire prevention committee shall consist of twelve members to be appointed by the mayor subject to confirmation by the city of Wausau common council of the following members: one member shall be from the local school system, one member shall be a representative from the Northcentral Technical College, one member shall be a representative of the Marathon County health department, one member shall be a representative of the city of Wausau community development authority, one member shall be a representative of the city of Wausau fire department, one member shall represent the area medical community, one member shall represent area service organizations, one member shall represent area industry, and four members shall be citizen members at large. (Ord. 61-4891 §1(part), 1995.)

2.86.030 Term of office: Each of the twelve members shall serve for terms of a period of two years. Members may serve indefinite consecutive terms. (Ord. 61-4891 §1(part), 1995.)

2.86.040 Organization: The committee shall elect from its members its officers, adopt its own rules of order, and otherwise organize itself in a manner customary to administrative bodies. It shall advise the city clerk as to the officers who may draft vouchers requesting that the city disburse funds. (Ord. 61-4891 §1(part), 1995.)

Wausau Area Fire Prevention Committee Members
Representing Name Address Term Phone #
WSD Member   415 Seymour St. Term of Office 261-2500
NTC Member Bob Pound 1000 Campus Dr. Term of Office 675-3331
Mar Co. Health Dept Renee Trowbridge 1200 Lakeview Dr. Term of Office 848-9060
Com Dev Authority Patti Woznicki 550 E Thomas St. Term of Office 261-6687
Wausau Fire Dept. Gary Buchberger 606 E Thomas St. Term of Office 715-261-7901
Medical Community John Black 333 Pine Ridge Blvd. Term of Office  
Service Organizations Charlene Buttner 320 Ruder St. Term of Office  
Industry Member George Schoessow 305 S 84th Ave. Term of Office  
Citizen Member Mark Beda 301 4th St.  P.O. 1027 Indefinite Term  
Citizen Member Matt Slater 5301 Rib Mountain Dr. Indefinite Term 359-5299
Citizen Member Joe Grape 6203 Caseyrae Ct. Indefinite Term 241-8082
Citizen Member John Stroesenreuther (C) 7650 Co Hwy K, Merrill Indefinite Term  
Citizen Member Ex Officio Patrick Kinney 606 E Thomas St. Term of Office 261-7900
Citizen Member Ex Officio Ronald Omernick 606 E Thomas St Term of Office 261-7900