Creation:  The Dog Park Committee is created as a Special Committee under Section 2.16 Rule 13D of the Wausau Municipal Code, whose members may be appointed by the chairperson of Park & Recreation Committee with consent of the Common Council.  (File # 18-110)

Purpose:  The committee will research design and funding opportunities available to make the City of Wausau dog park a reality.  It will advise and report to the Park & Recreation Committee, as well as other committees of the Common Council as needed. 

Membership:  The Dog Park Committee shall consist of seven (7) members, five (5) citizen members (must be residents of the City of Wausau), and two (2) representatives of the Park & Recreation Committee and the Park & Recreation Committee chairperson shall name the chairperson of the Special Committee.

Terms:  Indefinite terms, the committee shall be in effect for as long as needed to construct a dog park.

Board Members
Representing Name Address Term Phone #
Citizen (Chair) Jamie Rice-Heckendorf 503 N 12th St Indefinite 715-574-4677
Citizen Michelle Dins 2202 Mt View Blvd Indefinite 715-581-6836
Citizen Lauren Henkelman 155 Ethel St Indefinite 715-315-2249
Citizen Ed Giallombardo 1112 N 10th Ave Indefinite 715-409-0094
Citizen Susan Schmidt 3949 Henry St Indefinite 715-573-3800
Pk&Rec Rep David Nutting 534 S 1st Ave 2018-2020 715-842-2589
Pk&Rec Rep Tom Neal 916 Hamilton St 2018-2020 715-573-6042
Alternate Tanya Heuser 1512 Bissell St Indefinite 715-212-5474
Alternate Shannon Thomas 607 Elm St Indefinite 715-302-2336
Alternate Brian Fendos 1005 Spruce St Indefinite 715-571-5855