Wausau Wisconsin

City Council

October 21, 2017

The City Council adopted Resolution #08-0118 creating an Ad Hoc Committee for a Greener Tomorrow on January 22, 2008, to assist the Commission for a Greener Tomorrow.

The goals and objectives of the Ad Hoc Committee are similar to those of Commission, which, in general are directed towards creating a sustainable community that respects the community's diversity and accepts responsibility for the social, economic, and ecological well being of the present and future generations, through individual and collective actions.

Membership consists of nine members appointed by the Mayor. The members shall choose a Chair and Vice-Chair at their initial meeting and shall meet as the committee feels necessary.

  Name Address Term Phone #
Chair  Melissa Engels-Lewis 2103 3rd St.  Indefinite  715-551-2525
Vice-Chair  John Prey  840 Bristers Hill Rd  Indefinite  715-574-6882
Member  Paul Grewe 302 S Emerald Dr   Indefinite  715-842-1717
Member  Justin Seis 6003 Burns St. #3, Schofield, WI  Indefinite  715-203-5970
Member  Robert Karls  6902 Trotzer Ln  Indefinite  715-370-0097 
Member  Andrew Halloway  1023 Washington St  Indefinite  414-484-0161
Member  Therese Mueller  219 N. 5th Ave  Indefinite  715-842-4225