SS 66.0301(2) Intergovernmental Cooperation: In addition to the provisions of any other statutes specifically authorizing cooperation between municipalities, unless those statutes specifically exclude action under this section, any municipality may contract with other municipalities and with federally recognized Indian tribes and bands in this state, for the receipt or furnishing of services or the joint exercise of any power or duty required or authorized by law. If municipal or tribal parties to a contract have varying powers or duties under the law, each may act under the contract to the extent of its lawful powers and duties. A contract under this subsection may bind the contracting parties for the length of time specified in the contract. This section shall be interpreted liberally in favor of cooperative action between municipalities and between municipalities and Indian tribes and bands in this state.

66.0301(3) Any contract under sub. (2) may provide a plan for administration of the function or project, which may include but is not limited to provisions as to proration of the expenses involved, deposit and disbursement of funds appropriated, submission and approval of budgets, creation of a commission, selection and removal of commissioners, and formation and letting of contracts.

66.0301(4) A commission created by contract under sub. (2) may finance the acquisition, development, remodeling, construction and equipment of land, buildings and facilities for regional projects under s. 66.0621. Participating municipalities acting jointly or separately may finance the projects, or an agreed share of the cost of the projects, under ch. 67.

City-County Information Technology Commission Members
Representing Name Address Term Phone #
County Member Brad Karger (Sec) 500 Forest St. Term of Office 715-261-1400
Board Supervisor Kurt Gibbs 500 Forest St. Term of Office 715-555-0123
City Member Robert B. Mielke 407 Grant St. Term of Office 715-261-6800
City Member Maryanne Groat 407 Grant St. Term of Office 715-261-6640
NCHC Member Michael Loy 1100 Lake View Dr. Term of Office 715-848-4402
NCHC Member Brenda Glodwoski 1100 Lake View Dr. Term of Office 715-848-4600
Citizen Member Pat Puyleart (C) 7403 Strawflower Circle   715-359-8878
Citizen Member John Tubbs (VC) 500 1St St. Ste 6500   715-847-4289