Wausau Wisconsin

City Council

March 21, 2018

Capital Improvement Program Committee (CIP) 

The Capital Improvement Program Committee (CIP) consists of department heads from the following departments: Finance, Engineering and Planning and three alderperson who review all capital projects budget requests exceeding $25,000. Each of the proposed projects is ranked, depending on if the project is related to federal or state mandate, health and safety, etc. and then considered, based on ranking, for inclusion in the annual budget.  The Capital Project then goes to the Finance Committee for the budget planning process. The Common Council gives final approval in the fall for all CIP projects.


CIP Committee Members
Representing Name Address Term Phone #
Member     Term of Office  
Member Lisa Rasmussen  1310 Crescent Dr. Wausau 54401 Term of Office 715-675-4872
Member Gary Gisselman  319 Park Ave. Wausau 54403 Term of Office 715-848-5160
Member Maryanne Groat 407 Grant St. Wausau 54403 Term of Office 715-261-6640
Member Eric Lindman 407 Grant St. Wausau 54403 Term of Office 715-261-6740
Member Brad Lenz 407 Grant St. Wausau 54403 Term of Office 715-261-6760