Wausau Wisconsin

City Council

October 23, 2017

Under Wisconsin Statute 66.1109, cities are authorized to create Business Improvement Districts upon the petition of at least one owner of property used for commercial purposes within a district. The purpose of a BID (Business Improvement District) is to allow businesses within that district to develop, management and promote the district and to establish an assessment method to fund those activities

The BID Board is 11 members in size for two year staggered terms and are composed of four business owners, representing owners of commercial businesses in the area; five property owners, representing owners of commercial property in the area; one government member, representing the City of Wausau; and one Wausau Area Events member, representing Wausau Area Events Inc., all of whom are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Common Council of the City of Wausau. In addition, all members of the Board of Main Street Wausau, Inc., are appointed by the Mayor to serve as non-voting, non-formal members of the BID Board to advise and give input to the Board.

The information provided is a brief summary of the BID Board and should not be construed as a complete listing of the Board’s organizational structure. For a complete listing, contact the City Clerk for a copy of the BID Creation and Operating Plan (04-1006).

Representing Name Address Term Phone #
Business Ryan Treu (1) 300 3rd St, Ste 205 2 Yrs: 12/31/16 715-845-5055
Business Mark Goffin (1) 608 3rd St 2 Yrs: 12/31/14 715-842-8383
Business Alfred Nakhla (4) 303 S 1st Ave 2 Yrs: 12/31/16 715-845-4301
Business Rick Clements (3) 317 N 6th St 2 Yrs: 12/31/15 715-845-7331
Business Patrick Campbell (1) 350 3rd St. 2 Yrs: 12/31/14 715-842-9520
Property Owner Deb Rice (1) 230 N. 5th Ave 2 Yrs: 12/31/15 715-845-6500
Property Owner Jim Schoefer (1) 6205 Stettin Dr 2 Yrs: 12/31/16 715-848-7166
Property Owner Vacant   2 Yrs: 12/31/16  
Property Owner Mark Craig (2) PO Box 6158 2 Yrs: 12/31/16 715-849-8480
Government Maryanne Groat (3) 407 Grant St 2 Yrs: 12/31/16 715-261-6645
Wausau Area Events Terry Sturm-Ziegler (3) 510 N 17th Av, #D 2 Yrs: 12/31/15 715-355-8946
Main Street Wausau Inc. Board Members -WAE Inc. 316 Scott St Term of Office 715-845-1328