MC 2.60.120: The building advisory board shall be composed of the public works director, the fire chief or his representative, two citizen architects, one citizen master electrician, one citizen master plumber, one citizen general contractor, and two members of the common council appointed by the mayor. The qualifications and responsibilities of the building advisory board shall be as established by Chapter 15.04. (Ord. 61-4316 §5, 1976; Ord. 61-4074 §1(part), 1967; prior code §2.03(12).)

15.04.020 membership: The building advisory board shall consist of the following: (a) Ex officio members: Public works director, Fire chief. (b) Members appointed by the mayor, confirmed by the council: Two members of the common council, Two citizen architects, One citizen master electrician, One citizen master plumber, One citizen general contractor. (Ord. 61-4494 §1, 1982; prior code §13.01(2)(a).)

15.04.030 Terms of office: The terms of ex officio members shall be concurrent with the terms for which appointed, and the terms of the appointed members shall be for five years, expiring on the first day of November, next following the regular city election. (Ord. 61-4735 §1, 1991; prior code §13.01(2)(b).)

15.04.040 Public works director to be secretary: The public works director shall be the secretary of the building advisory board, and a record shall be kept of all the proceedings and transactions of the board. (Prior code §13.01(2)(c).)

15.04.050 Powers: The building advisory board shall have full power to pass upon any and every question arising on the provisions of this code. The building advisory board shall hold regular meetings and all questions of interpretation, application or appeal from the provisions of this code or the decision of the building inspector shall be referred to the board in writing and the decision of the board in such matters shall be final. Appeals to the board shall be in writing by the city or any person or party aggrieved by any decision of the building inspector. The city of any department thereof may appeal. In addition the building advisory board shall have such powers as are outlined in Chapter 15.40. (Ord. 61-4137

Building Advisory Board Members
Representing Name Address Term Phone #
Alderperson Karen Kellbach 502 Knox St 2018-2020 715-675-2694
Alderperson David E. Nutting 534 S 1st Ave 2018-2020 715-842-2589
Public Works Dir Ex Officio Eric Lindman 407 Grant St. Term of Office 715-261-6740
Fire Chief Ex Officio Tracey Kujawa 606 E Thomas St Term of Office 715-261-7900
Citizen Architect Tom Mudrovich (4) 729 E Crocker St. 5 Yrs Ending: 10/31/21 715-845-4533
Citizen Architect Frank Opatik (1) 308 S. 39th Ave. 5 Yrs Ending: 10/31/23 715-845-3601
Citizen Mstr Electrician Buckley Birkholz (3) 406 Plumer St 5 Yrs Ending: 10/31/23 715-845-2427
Citizen Mstr Plumber Dave Brandenburg 3802 Topaz Dr 5 Yrs Ending: 10/31/23 715-675-3388
Citizen Gen Contractor Mark Dillman (3) 129 Weston Ave 5 Yrs Ending: 10/31/23 715-842-7085