MC 18.12.010 Membership: The board of electrical examiners shall consist of the electrical inspector, two electrical contractors, and the chairmen of the public health and safety and capital improvements and street maintenance committees of the common council. (Ord. 61-4523 §1 (part), 1983; Ord. 61-4493 §2(part), 1982; Ord. 61-4381 §1 (part), 1978.)

18.12.020 Duties: The board of electrical examiners shall meet at the request of the electrical inspector to revoke or suspend licenses for good and sufficient cause as prescribed in 18.16.080 of this title; and to take such other actions as may be necessary or desirable for carrying out the provisions of this title. (Ord. 61-4523 §1(part), 1983; Ord. 61-4493 §2(part), 1982; Ord. 61-4381 §1(part), 1978.)

18.12.030 Records: The board shall keep public records of all meetings and keep a record of all licenses issued by it and shall prepare a manual of its rules and regulations for the conduct of examinations. (Ord. 61-4523 §1(part), 1983; Ord. 61-4381 §1(part), 1978.)

18.12.040 Quorum: Three members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the granting, revocation, or suspension of licenses and the transaction of other business and a majority vote of such quorum shall prevail. (Ord. 61-4523 §1(part), 1978.)

Board of Electrical Examiner Members
Representing Name Address Term Phone #
Chair of CISM Gary Gisselman 319 Park Ave 2016-2018 Term 715-848-5160
Chair of PH&S Lisa Rasmussen 1310 Crescent Dr. 2016-2018 Term 715-675-4872
Elec Inspector Rick Pergolski 407 Grant St. Term of Office 715-261-6780
Elec Contractor Brandon Cuinco (1) T16291 Cty Hwy W

3Yrs - Exp: 4/30/19

Elec Contractor Chris Kluz (1) PO Box 94, Mosinee 3Yrs - Exp: 4/30/19 715-551-0740