The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee was created to assist and work with the Capital Improvements and Street Maintenance Committee as well as other committees of the Common Council as needed to improve bicycle and pedestrian accommodations in the City of Wausau.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee has been determined to be a “special” committee by Wisconsin Statutes, whose members are appointed by the Mayor without Common Council approval. This committee shall consist of five (5) citizen members appointed by the Mayor to serve a term of two (2) years from the date of their appointments.  Alderpersons serving on the committee shall also be appointed by the Mayor and serve their term of office.  A member of the Wausau Police Department as approved by the Police Chief and appointed by the Mayor shall serve as a liaison to the committee. The committee is staffed by the City Planning office. 

Please check the calendar to confirm whether the meeting will be held.

Committee Members

Representing Name Address Term Phone #
Citizen Member Kevin Eichelberger  612 Washington St Expires 04/30/2020 715-843-7334
Citizen Member Andrew Plath 111 S. 4th Ave. Expires 04/30/2020 715-842-7120
Citizen Member Paul Kaczmarlwoski   Expires 04/30/2020  
Citizen Member Paul Kage Bridge Clinic Expires 04/30/2020 715-261-2123
Citizen Member Tyler Wildman   Expires 04/30/2020 715-870-6967
Council Member Gary Gisselman 319 Park Ave. 2018-2020 Term 715-848-5160
Council Member Pat Peckham 1618 Emerson St 2018-2020 Term 715-845-1396
Ex Officio Brad Lenz 407 Grant St. Term of Office 715-261-6760