MC 2.60.180: The airport committee shall be comprised of seven members appointed by the mayor. Four of the members shall be alderpersons and three of the members shall be citizens. They shall be appointed by the mayor and subject to confirmation by the common council. The alderpersons shall serve during their term of office, and the citizen members shall serve three year terms; provided, that on the first appointment one of the citizen members shall have a three-year term, one a two-year term and one a one-year term. The mayor shall appoint the chairperson. The committee shall make recommendations to the council on the maintenance, operation, control, fees and charges, and the contracted services for the Wausau Downtown Airport. In addition, the committee shall make recommendations regarding any of the provisions contained in Section 114.14 of the Wisconsin Statutes. (Ord. 61-4716 §1, 1990.)

Regular Meeting Schedule:  2nd Wednesday of every month @ 6:00 pm.   Meetings are only held upon issuance of the official agenda notice.  Please check the calendar to confirm whether the meeting will be held.

Airport Commitee Members
Representing Name Address Term Phone #
Alderperson Pat Peckham 1618 Emerson St 2018-2020 715-845-1396
Alderperson Karen Kellbach 502 Knox St. 2018-2020 715-675-2694
Alderperson Lisa Rasmussen 1310 Crescent Dr 2018-2020 715-675-4872
Alderperson Dennis Smith 3516 Polzer Dr 2018-2020 715-573-7994
Citizen Member Fred Prehn (2) 1105 Highland Park Blvd 3 Yr Term Ends: 4/30/2020 715-848-8406
Citizen Member Dennis Seitz (1) 176 Lake View Dr 3 Yr Term Ends: 4/30/2022 520-204-3411
Citizen Member Doug Diny (2) 902 Adams St 3 Yr Term Ends: 4/30/2021 715-803-5040