The City Attorney's office serves as in-house legal counsel to the City of Wausau as a municipal corporation. We also act as legal counsel for the Wausau Area Transit System, the Community Development Authority, and the Wausau Water Works. The staff consists of two full-time attorneys and two full-time legal assistants.

Improving and maintaining the City's infrastructure is an ongoing process that requires many agreements and other documents, all of which are drafted or reviewed by the City Attorney's office. The widening of or creation of new roads often requires the purchase of real estate and the City Attorney's office drafts the necessary documents and conducts the real estate closings. The City Attorney's office also handles real estate transactions for the low income and elderly housing projects you see in the City, as well as for the purchase and sale of industrial park land and redevelopment areas.

The City Attorney's office is a member of the City's bargaining team in labor negotiations with the City's five labor unions. We represent the City before all state and federal commissions, the Unemployment Compensation Division and Equal Rights Division, and we represent the City in grievance arbitration.

We also provide legal advice to our law enforcement officers in carrying out their official duties as well as to the Fire Department, Inspection Department, and other City departments. The City Attorney's office handles collection of past-due accounts, may file a lawsuit on behalf of the City, and coordinates the defense when the City is sued.

A large part of our practice involves prosecuting individuals for violations of the Wausau Municipal Code. These ordinance violations typically include housing code violations brought against owners or tenants of property. We also prosecute general traffic violations, including speeding and drunk driving. The City Attorney's office regularly researches and drafts new ordinances to enhance the quality of life in our city—often as the result of requests and suggestions by citizens or City Council members.

Our office provides legal counsel on any question raised by the Mayor or members of the City Council. Any committee, board or commission may request the City Attorney's advice or opinion or an interpretation of law. We have regular contact with other local government entities, as well as the State of Wisconsin and elected representatives from our area.

The City Attorney's office answers many questions from local citizens and others regarding ordinances which may affect their activity. We are not able to offer legal advice to local citizens on private legal matters. However, if you have any questions about City ordinances or City procedures, feel free to call!

  • Provides legal representation and/or advice to
    • Mayor
    • City Council
    • Departments
    • Community Development Authority
    • Various City Boards and Commissions
  • Performs all necessary legal work for the city
    • Drafts and/or reviews contracts
    • Drafts and/or reviews ordinances/resolutions
    • Land acquisitions
    • Annexations
    • Alley & street vacations/abandonments
    • Collection of past-due accounts
    • Analyzes new-planned programs & systems for legal implications
  • Prosecution of court cases involving
    • Traffic violations
    • Inspection/health/fire violations
    • Other municipal code violations
  • Defense of court cases involving
    • Zoning
    • Board of review
    • Various circuit court cases where the city is named as a defendant
  • Labor
    • Negotiates collective bargaining agreements
    • Represents city in grievance arbitrations
    • Represents city in discipline/discharge employment matters
  • Board of Public Works
    • City Attorney is a member of the Board of Public Work